Four Impactful Initiatives

The PRF Institute is committed to addressing the socio-economic challenges of communities with a direct team approach. Although we support various other organizations and ministries, we have four initiatives that really speak into the life of almost every community across our nation. If you are an individual, non-profit organization, church, financial institution, or business looking to partner with others who are concerned about financial health, poverty, re-entry/prison, or bankruptcies/foreclosures, contact us OR schedule a consultation. The time is now!

Do you feel you are struggling with your finances? Having a hard time getting out of debt or cleaning up your credit the right way? Looking to get positioned for affordable housing? Need help developing a will or advanced directive? Has COVID-19 negatively affected you and your family? All of these situations can be stressful and lead to poor decisions if you don’t have the right financial tools and resources.

The City of Opelika is excited to announce a new Financial Health Initiative. With the help of Dr. Nathaniel Dunlap, Jr. of The PRF Institute, your city is dedicated to helping you develop a healthy financial strategy to improve your life today and in the future.

The purpose of the Bankruptcy Assistance Initiative is to provide educational resources to those contemplating filing for bankruptcy, as well as stop foreclosures of the greatest asset for many Americans – your homes. Our intent is to assist debtors in maintaining their homes by seeking financial relief by implementing the bankruptcy court process as soon as possible.  For a simple flat fee, we will also prepare an emergency petition and provide a list of additional resources to aid you with filing your petition to stop impending foreclosures.

Click here to get started with our simple Intake Form. The next step is to complete the BAI Agreement so we can complete your skeletal petition for you.  We understand that time is of the essence, so let’s get to financial freedom today!

The Poverty ReduX initiative focuses on addressing matters of debt and credit to those individuals currently living at or beneath the federal poverty guidelines within our communities. We at the PRF Institute have decided to commit our time and resources to those individuals who have expressed and shown the desire to lift themselves from their place of poverty. Many who experience or live in a continued state of poverty often are unable to be financially stable due to lack of savings and credit/debt situations. The Poverty ReduX initiative will address both by addressing the cyclic and systemic barriers that contribute to poverty.

The PRFi provides disciplined financial education on matters of credit, debt, and identity theft to those under the supervision of the criminal justice system. Credit and debt are two of the most neglected concepts that are vital to these citizens’ success. They are known barriers to obtaining suitable employment, access to renting or buying a home, and other situations we take for granted. This initiative will aid in the reduction of recidivism rates. It will improve community relations by helping individuals become productive members of society because they will be consciously aware of their status pre-release.