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Don’t Leave Me Like This: Inspiration to Leave a Legacy

Author: Dr. Nathaniel Dunlap, Jr.

Dealing with death, dying or life altering health conditions are often times a difficult conversation within the family structure and certainly within the church. To know each day we’re alive brings us one day closer to death, as well as accidents and those unexpected medical bombshells that have been dropped on so many, one would think that life-altering things in motion to leave an inheritance for one’s children’s children (Proverbs 13:22) would be paramount. Too often, these situations only get addressed when it’s too late … even though we know one day “we shall surely die” (2 Kings 20:1).

How to Lay Me Down to Rest

Author: Nicole Thompson

How do you properly plan out a goodbye service for your loved ones when you’re too sad to say goodbye?  Since Author Nicole Thompson experienced all the emotions that come with the passing of persons she loved, she decided to create a step-by-step guide that could be completed in advance to assist families, friends, churches, and funeral homes during time of bereavement and other life altering situations.  The key is preparation …


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