Do you feel you are struggling with your finances? Having a hard time getting out of debt or cleaning up your credit the right way? Looking to get positioned for affordable housing? Need help developing a will or advanced directive? Has COVID-19 negatively affected you and your family? All of these situations can be stressful and lead to poor decisions if you don’t have the right financial tools and resources.

The City of Opelika is excited to announce a new Financial Health Initiative. With the help of Dr. Nathaniel Dunlap, Jr. of The PRF Institute, your city is dedicated to helping you develop a healthy financial strategy to improve your life today and in the future.
Through The PRF Institute, The Opelika Financial Health Initiative invites you to sign up for a free online financial assessment and a free one-on-one virtual consultation to determine where you are in your financial journey. The city will have no access to this information. Our goal is strictly to provide you the resources you need to gain control of your life so that you can enjoy your life. Read more.

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