Test 2 The PRF Institute

At the PRF Institute, we respond to the needs of churches, members and communities.  For way too long, simple and complex questions like these often go unaddressed in a transformative way: Does your church lack a financial based teaching ministry, yet so many in the church are in need? Is there a need for the Body to “get OUR individual and collective houses in order”?  Has the business and “outside” world used biblical principles to live prosperous and more abundantly than those who profess to live by them? 

Our transformational learning sessions were designed to include a strong, yet not overbearing biblical presence, to afford our model to reach participants at their level of spirituality and faith practices. Using a LIVE facilitator, PRF offers FIVE transformational courses which consist of a wide variety of lessons and sub-lessons.  Although participating in all five courses would be beneficial to your individual and collective growth, the PRF model offers you to choose only those lessons and/or sub-lessons applicable to your situation. PRF is designed for small groups, yet can be offered to larger groups.  The end result is that participants will learn and grow together.  Register yourself, church or community for any of these courses through our calendar.  Discounted group registration rates and scholarships available.